The Tracks of the Hunted

by Noire

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Winnipeg's NOIRE are pleased to announce that they will self-release their new EP, The Tracks of the Hunted on July 8th 2016. The EP is a six-track tour-de-force that melds black metal with acoustic and ambient-like stylings, resulting in a truly unique sound. The Tracks of the Hunted takes the fury and darkness of black metal and transforms it into something both beautiful and menacing at the same time. This EP demands a full and immersive listen. Piano and acoustic guitar are front and center for much of this record, weaving around a central pillar of majestic metal which draws from Enslaved and Opeth in influence while the softer moments recall Agalloch's experimentation. Broadchested chants blend with snarls and fierce guitar lines

Tracks of the Hunted will be released independently by the band on both CD and digital formats. The digital version of the album will be made available for $1 in order to spread the band's darkness to as many people as possible.


released July 8, 2016

All songs written and recorded by Noire at Bedside Studios in Winnipeg.
Recording Engineer: Len Milne
Written and Produced by: Bob Fitzgerald, and Andrew Lawes
Mastered by Scott Pinder



all rights reserved


Noire Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Track Name: III. The Tracks of the Hunted
Die...for your weakness now becomes my strength
Throughout these shadows time will wear at memories
A cloud in the distance will bring a darkness forever
For I will drag your soul into the night, into the night

The silhouette moves against the silence
This darkness lost within these eyes

Staring back into greying reflections
Let the waters of eternity pull you down

For everything I will ever love will be gone forever
And everything I will ever love will die

As the twilight falls into the shadows
And the nectar spills upon this frozen ground
I breathe upon this tired life so cold
As cold as the haunting lights bellow

Listen to the winds you've known
Listen to the winds you've known

When will the rains wash away these shadows?
Wash away this blood

Together we will die... die
Dissonance lies between the light and darkness
To awaken your mind

At the edge of time and life
It lies to carry us
Track Name: V. There is Nothing Left
As life's light slowly escapes
A distant echo rings louder... calling
A recollection of ones' self stripped bare
Bones and marrow dirt and sinew
What once was where light and darkness converge
At an infinite horizon all in the blink of an eye
Then there is nothing
There is nothing left.
Track Name: VI. My Name
My dreams have gone
They’ve turned to stone
The rains have came
As time forgets
My name